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The WeightTracker is free to use, but it does cost money for hosting and data storage. Please consider a small donation to help defray these costs. Thank you!


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Welcome to the Weight Tracker system! Use this program to keep track and analyze your progress if you are dieting to lose (or gain) weight. This application can also be used to track your blood pressure if you are on a program to lower it or just want to track it.

With this system you can view and print detailed reports and graphs that show your weight or blood pressure over time. These can be handy to show to your doctor or as motivational tools. You can also keep notes to yourself for a journal of your experiences or as reminders. Click the 'login as Guest" button to take a spin around the system.. :)
"Point" the way to a new future! The "Inches" have it!!

Use the PointMaster to track your daily points and record foods you've eaten to use those points. Click the 'login as Guest' button to see how it works. The InchMinder is here! Track your measurements as they go down (if you are dieting like me) or up (if you are building your body)! Click the 'login as Guest' button to see how it works.
Share ideas!  

The WeightTracker forum! A place to share ideas, opinions, tips, successes and miscellaneous ramblings. This forum is  available exclusively to logged-in weighttrackers.  


Yes... those are my feet in the graphic above.. LOL Over the past few years I have experienced "middle-aged spread." I hadn't been particularly motivated to do anything about it until recently, however. This all changed when one day I decided that I was tired of all the trappings of being really overweight. I decided to get going on it. I had heard of the low carb/So Beach/Atkins method of losing weight, so I decided to give it a try. I'm not an expert, but I do know that eating less and exercising more will make you lose weight.

I found that one of the things that has helped me to keep motivated is a spreadsheet I made to track my progress. I weigh in and record the results once a week. I also record my blood pressure because it is satisfying to see it dropping as I lose weight.

It occurred to me that others might like to be able to record their progress too. I created this application for these people. I hope that it helps get you going and keep you going!! You will be amazed at how much better you feel and how much energy you will have. Login above or click the 'Register' button to register. There is no charge for use of this application.

Good luck and HAPPY weight loss!!!

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This is a free system. If you find it useful and motivational, it would be greatly appreciated if you could contribute a small amount to help defray the cost of hosting & data storage.. thanks!

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